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Experience with Exchange Server & Office 365

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner at “Vishwak Solutions” we have been using Microsoft Exchange server as our Mailing, Contact & Calendaring solution for many years. Till last year we have been running Exchange Server On-Premise, this meant having at least 4 servers, uninterrupted power, redundant connectivity and so on. Though Exchange is the best solution for this workload, it is still lot of work from a management perspective, especially since we are less than 100 users. Having tried out earlier the alternatives (Linux Mailserver, Google Apps and others) I feel Exchange Server & Outlook really improves team productivity. So earlier this year, we moved to Office 365 – Microsoft cloud hosted Exchange. And we have been more than happy with the results – both from management of the service and from users angle, the ride has turned out to be great. You can access your mails, calendar, contacts from any device (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, PC) & anywhere. And at about $4 Per User Per month it is attractively priced too. For Small & Midsize brainer it is a no-brainer to go with this.