I like going to the annual Chennai Trade fair (38th India Tourist Industrial Fair as it is called) that happens every year in Island Grounds, Chennai – past postings for 2009 and 2007.  This year I have an added reason to go, to try my newly learnt Photography skills. I tried going there yesterday, being a Sunday it was crowded to the brim. No parking till Gymkhana club/Pallavan House, so I went home. But I returned today with a vengeance, armed with my newly bought Nikon TelePhoto Zoom lens (55mm-300mm). It was evening around 6PM when I entered with my son, place was sparsely crowded and spent next three hours going through Government department stalls, shops and kid rides. The place on the other side of Kuvam River was swamped with the militant “Chennai” mosquitos, so go fully covered and with a good application of mosquito repellents. 

I was surprised on how few Government stalls were really informative like the Fire & Rescue, Police. In the Fire & Rescue Department the staff manning it were friendly and took effort to explain about “Saving life in a Sewage Canal” and on the “Fire Triangle”, good kid friendly stuff.

If you ask me about rides I did – No Giant wheel or Roller coaster for me, what’s the point of spending money to get scared the hell out of me!

Chennai Trade Fair - Anna Kalaiarangam

Firemen from Tamil Nadu Fire & Rescue explaining on the Fire Triangle

Photo shot by my son, I am proud!

This boy (name was Raja) in a shop posed for me voluntarily with a mask


The yummy chilly snack (பஜ்ஜி)

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