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Ray Ozzie

  • For the last few years, the scope of enterprise applications are increasing. IT departments have to manage more of outside users (their customers) than their internal users
  • More of IT Pros and Developers have to work together and learn together in this new cloud world
  • More than ever the web site of an enterprise is critical to the overall business health
  • Hat’s off to Jeff Bezos and his team at Amazon for the phenomenal work they are doing with EC2 and Windows hosting. In ways we collaborate with them and in other ways we compete with them
  • Today this cloud is another tier. The first tier is your PC or Mobile, it is all about you. The second tier is the enterprise and its scope is the size of the enterprise. The third tier is this cloud. To do this we had a team headed by David Cutler, Amitabh Srivatsa and others in Microsoft
  • Today’s systems whether it is Windows, Java or others are all modelled for scale-up. We need for the next 50 years, we need something that can scale out & parallel computing
  • We announce today “Windows Azure“. It is our new Windows (new OS) that supports all the infrastructure to power this cloud design. It is not a software, but a service that is running on Microsoft Datacenters, initially in USA then to be rolled out worldwide
  • It will be the most environmentally sensitive, scalable, reliable service for all Microsoft hosting over the years
  • Windows Azure works with the same tools – VB.NET 2008, C#, C++, .NET, etc. including both managed and un-managed code. Initially managed will be supported and later support for un-managed will be introduced
  • There was a demo of a new services, a Mobile Phone discovery in neighbourhood using Bluetooth – and client can be downloaded from

Note: For the first time I saw Microsoft keynote speakers (Ray Ozzie and Amitabh Srivatsa) in a developer conference not wearing T-Shirts but are in formal attire with a blazer.  

PDC2008 (1)

Ray Ozzie’s closing notes video below:

Bob Muglia

  • There was demo of using .NET Services and SQL Services by RedPrairie and also of System Management “Atlanta”. Atlanta uses SQL Services for customers to compare their instrumentation data with others and best practices
  • This week we are releasing “Oslo” a new modelling tool and a language “m”

Dave Thomson

  • Vice President of Microsoft Online, he has headed the team that developed Active Directory and in Exchange Server
  • One of the problems to solve is federated identity. This is done by using Microsoft Services Connector which sites on-premises and then syncs it to the online cloud. This is currently used by Microsoft online services and will be the same used by Windows Azure.

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