This was by far the best session for me in PDC2008. It was SQL Server: Database to Data Platform – Road from Server to Devices to the Cloud by David Campbell, a Microsoft Technical Fellow and SQL Server guru. David was brilliant, you could clearly see and appreciate his deep expertise on the subject. He gave an overall view of what’s happening with Database in the last few decades, how you can write very complex huge data applications today easily. And then he talked about where this SQL on cloud fits in, where it doesn’t and so on. You can see two brief demos shown in the talk below.

David Campbell talking about Sync in Action with Sync Framework in the talk

Zach Skyles Owens of Microsoft showing the Trey Research Demo application

If you want to catch up fully on what David talked about here, you can watch this video he did few weeks before PDC2008 covering the same topic – I highly recommend you watching this.

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