My Drawing Skills

I have never been good in free-hand drawing or colouring. Other than Plays and oratory competitions, Arts and Crafts were always distant skills for me right from my school days. In fact, I hated Biology classes in School and Engineering Drawing in Graduation just because they required me to the draw. I could get away from my teachers without drawing, but I couldn’t from my son. Two weeks back on a weekend he wanted me to draw Tractor Tom – how much ever I tried to convince him that I can’t draw he didn’t agree.  So here is what I managed and below that the original image of Tractor Tom (as seen in DVD):

Original image of tractor tom from the DVD
Original image of tractor tom from the DVD


The Tractor Tom Diagram that I managed to draw
The Tractor Tom diagram that I managed to draw

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2 Thoughts to “My Drawing Skills”

  1. Reminds me of those school days when I was swamped with requests from classmates to draw biology diagrams for them. And I had a good artistic touch for drawing and painting those days.

  2. Sara

    you have missed out the driver :-) & hope it’s ur son’s … :-)

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