How SilverLight was build by Gaurav Khanna (Microsoft Corp):

  • SilverLight is Microsoft’s paradigm of developing rich internet application (RIA) that runs in Browser Sandbox and are cross-browser in nature
  • Gaurav started with a nice white page (Ink Application), wrote on it, rather than do slides
  • One file core.dll contains both the CLR and JITing part
  • Browsers due to W3C standard downloads only 2 threads (images, CSS whatever), what happens in SilverLight. He didn’t answer to my satisfaction, as I suppose everything should be bound by the WinInet limitation.

Building Cool Virtual Earth Mashups by Janakiram MSV (Microsoft India)

  • Jani is brilliant and his demos on the mashups with theatres in Mumbai, tab popups, integration with Sulekha Yellow Pages Feed and BharatMatrimony RSS feed was cool
  • I am waiting for him to post the samples, code in his blog
  • His humour on “You can do anything and everything – server side, client side, JavaScript, XML, Web Services anything, because at the end it is all mash-ups”
  • He talked about Map Cruncher (Custom tile generator), MapPoint Web Service (Enterprise Service) & Virtual Earth (Enterprise Service)

Astoria – Data on the Cloud by Janakiram MSV (Microsoft India)

  • Accessing data stored in the cloud and access it using HTTP REST
  • Astoria is Data Access Pattern, Online Service, .NET Library
  • It is about Web Data Access and not Database Web Access – the difference being accessing Data from a URI using REST and not SOAP or anything else
  • Explained the difference between Astoria which is an online service and ADO.NET Entity Model and Web Data Extensions
  • (References: MSDN Data Access Incubation projects including Astoria and Jasper)

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