Today I started from Chennai to the USA, en-route London (that’s where I am doing this post after paying GBP 10 for 24 Hrs T-Mobile Wi-Fi) by British Airways. Like I have said in my past posts, most of my Non-Tamil Movie watching happens while in long-distance flights like these. Today I got an Upgrade to Business Class and could enjoy a private selection of movies in the BA flight. While the first 7 hours of flight I slept, the last two hours I caught up with some movie watching.

While in the terminal I came to an Italian Coffee Shop “Costa” for a cup of tea. But look below at their monstrous cup given for GBP 1.5. The cup was much bigger than a regular soup bowl, so I had to definitely take a snap of it!

Costa Tea in London Heathrow

Costa Tea in London Heathrow (I have kept my Nokia 9500 next to the cup for size comparison)

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