About a year back I wrote about my first love with Windows XP 64. In the last 12 months, all major server software from Microsoft has had a 64-bit release including Windows Server 2003 R2, SQL Server 2005, upcoming MOSS (Sharepoint) 2007, MOFS (Infopath Server) 2007 and more. Betas of both Windows Vista and Windows Longhorn servers are now available in 64-bit edition. In fact, the upcoming release of Exchange Server (Exchange “12”) is available only as a 64-bit edition. With the prices of memory coming down and RAM of 4GB+ is becoming affordable, 64-bit offers tremendous advantage especially coupled with Dual Core Chips.

Recently I came across this site Extended64.com that seems to have good information, drivers for using Windows 64.

For me, I am waiting for Vista to get launched – after which I am shopping for a new laptop which is small and light-weight but Dual Core and 64-bit :-)

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