I’m thrilled I didn’t overlook this remarkable cinematic experience—a biographical account that delves into the Cold War politics surrounding the global phenomenon known as Tetris. Available on Apple TV+, this film is an absolute must-see. As a movie reviewer at Mangoidiots, I’m delighted to award it a Ripe rating.

The heart of the story lies in the brilliant invention of Tetris by the Russian genius Alexey Pajitnov. However, this seemingly innocent puzzle game becomes a pawn in the power struggle between the Communist Russian establishment and capitalistic greed. Amidst this clash, we witness the relentless journey of a hardworking and sincere young entrepreneur from the USA, fighting for a fair share of success.

Taron Egerton, renowned for his role in Kingsman, breathes life into the character of Henk Rogers—a tenacious individual who refuses to give up. The film masterfully weaves together themes of Western greed for profits, Soviet Union corruption, the suppressed fears of common people in the USSR, and the unwavering determination of a small-time entrepreneur in the Western world. Noah Pink’s brilliant writing and Jon S Baird’s direction create a gripping narrative.

In the scenes where Henk Rogers ventures into the heavy-handed Soviet Union under false pretences, our hearts race with fear for his safety. Yet, his sheer determination propels him forward, defying all odds.

While the film recreates the USSR of yesteryears, it’s essential to recognize that its primary focus lies elsewhere. The plot and performances take centre stage, and both are exceptional. “Tetris” offers an emotionally charged and thoroughly entertaining ride—don’t miss it!

Tetris (film)

Tetris (film)

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