When I read the noticed poster of this film, Mister Mommy (2022) on Netflix I was intrigued. A male is shown with a pregnant tummy! Add to that, it was starring Genelia D’Souza, an actress I love from her early Tamil films like Sachein (2005) and Santosh Subramaniam (2008). Sadly, the actual film was a total failure, the screenplay was non-existent. It felt like the movie was being made up on the set.  Gets a rotten rating on the Mangoidiots scale.

Amol Kote (Riteish Deshmukh) works as a physical education trainer in a school in Britain, he is a strict disciplinarian and he inflicts the kids with near corporal punishments. The reason is he dislikes children. This creates a major rift between him and his love wife Gugloo, played by Genelia. Due to strange events, both husband and wife get pregnant at the same time. Did the couple reconcile their difference and how did a male pregnancy happen is supposed to be the story that I was able to determine after serious investigation.

The only good thing was some funny bits here and there, that made me get through the film.

The doctor character played by Mahesh Manjrekar was hilarious!

The doctor character played by Mahesh Manjrekar was hilarious!

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