With the war in Ukraine, rising inflation, stock market crashes, and the possibility of a rise in COVID cases in India, we all have many things to worry about. The world is not what it used to be.

Yet, we need to do what little we can to help those in need. Right now, it will be the unlucky Afghanistan people. After a devastating civil war of two decades which followed another one a decade earlier, last week they suffered a massive earthquake in one of the poorest, most remote terrain in the world. BBC World News reported that the victims have received no foreign aid. Seeing it, I was compelled to do my small bit – I don’t know which will be the right agency, so went with the recognized option UNHRC of the United Nations. Please donate what you can.

This is no endorsement of UNHRC. Needless to say, this post is not meant to show my righteousness. I just hope to encourage others, that’s all. Thanks.

With the many western sanctions in place, I am NOT sure whether we can donate directly to any Afghan agency. Please be aware of that.

#Afghanistan #Earthquake #UNHRC

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