Etharkkum Thunindhavan (2022) is a run-of-the-mill movie that is acceptable just by not being bad like Suriya’s earlier films like Kaapaan (2019) or NGK (2019). The film gets a “Raw” in mangoidiots scale and I watched it in a theatre – the last movie I watched in a theatre was Asuraguru (2020) and that was exactly two years ago.

Suriya comes as Kannapiran, son of Aadhirayar (Sathyaraj) and Kosalai (Saranya), and is an activist lawyer in a village called ThenNadu. Their sister village is VadaNadu.  Inba (played  by Vinay Rai) from VadaNadu is the son of a central minister, and runs an evil empire by recording naked videos of young ladies, blackmailing and then killing them for his gains. How Kannapiran handles him and then eliminates Inba is the action packed story. There is also the love story between Kannapiran and Aadhini (Priyanka Arul Mohan).

The climax which we had seen in the opening scene itself was made interesting by having Kannapiran educate and involve the family of the wrongdoers – I am surprised why the father of Inba was missing in action in that scene. Thankfully, I didn’t notice Suriya speaking in volumes about the welfare of farmers and natural farming in this film. Priyanka Arul Mohan is attractive, dances nicely and has done her given role well, she has good prospects ahead of her, best wishes.

Vinay Rai’s character was given a poor definition and hence was disappointing throughout. Ruben had edited the film, which was slipshod in most places – in a sequence where the villain sets a time limit for the hero to surrender, we see the hero getting married, enjoying his firstnight, dancing for a love song, serving a feast and also appearing in court – to manifest in multiple places at once is possible only for the Sri Kannan, the God.

With a familiar story and adding his signature family sentiment & comedy, Director Pandiraj has managed to deliver a satisfactory film. Just like his previous film, every frame has dozens of characters and in song sequences over thousand people in each. The music for the songs by D Imman were unmemorable and deafening.

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