Another Woman (Davay Razvedyomsya!) is a Russian comedy film that is available on Disney+Hotstar. It is about Masha whose husband walks out of the house to live with his girlfriend, leaving Masha to manage the household and their children as a single mother. While it is a familiar theme, the relaxed treatment by Director Anna Parmas makes the characters and the story easily relatable. I liked the film, but because of the cliche climax, I am giving it a ‘Raw’ rating.

Anna Mikhalkova has brought to life the role of Masha, a gynaecologist and a loving wife. The film was entirely about her character and she delivers on it finely. Masha is very busy with her work at the hospital that she gets to spend hardly any time with her husband or kids, her husband who is now jobless takes good care of the kids but misses the intimacy and starts having an affair. One night Masha accidentally picks the call from Vadik’s girlfriend, having been exposed, Vadik immediately leaves the house without speaking a word – normally we see a huge fight between the couple in this scenario, but here there was nothing and I found that to be a nice touch. In the following weeks, Masha pieces her life back. Trying frantically to have the kids fed, left at school and picked up from school and at the same time, keeping her work going. While these are happening, Vadik tries to settle down at his girlfriends’ house – he takes good care of her ailing grandmother and lands on a job with a water diviner. Masha keeps trying to win Vadik – did she succeed forms the story.

Another Woman (Davay Razvedyomsya!)

Another Woman (Davay Razvedyomsya!)

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