Anveshanam (2020) is a Malayalam thriller that I accidentally found being available on Amazon Prime Video. The movie is about a young boy brought in critical condition to a hospital by his mother and their neighbour, a doctor. What happened to him, who caused the accident was the mystery that has been told with an engaging screenplay. I liked the film, check it out.

The entire story happens over the night in the hospital and it gets developed layer by layer, one piece being revealed at a time. By itself, the story is a very simple one, but the way the characters gets developed, the good casting, and the order in which the incidents have been presented, make the film a memorable one. Above all, the film doesn’t treat the viewer to be stupid – there is acceptable logic in the way and the sequence in which things happen. For example, for a big private hospital to give the kind of attention the young boy gets is due to the fact it was their resident doctor who admits him and he is the neighbour of the parents.

Jayasurya and Shruti Ramachandran have done the role of the parents of the young boy nicely. They get good support from  Leona Lishoy as the Police SP who investigates the case and Lena Kumar (who had acted recently in Saajan Bakery) as the chief nurse.

For a family thriller to be effective, the audience should be able to follow the plot, develop a feeling for the characters but not too much. To keep the viewers involved, the screenplay should provide clues that are not obvious and at the same time not cryptic – either of them will lose the audience. They should be made to believe they guessed the mystery but also surprise them in the end. The Director Prasobh Vijayan along with the writers have done a great job here.

Anveshanam (2020)

Anveshanam (2020)

The film reminded me of a thriller Kuttram Kadithal (2015) but their similarities end with both featuring a young boy and an accident.

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