Over the Moon (2020) is an animated musical film for kids that can be enjoyed by grown-ups too, I liked it. It blends Chinese mythology, a bright girl & caring parents, science and the emotional drama of losing a loved one.  Be warned, the story is childish and not a new one but one that has been narrated tastefully; and there are many songs too. The film is available on Netflix.

A young girl named Fei Fei lives in a small village in China with her loving parents who run a small shop selling their home-made mooncakes. A sudden loss happens which Fei Fei finds difficult to accept. As a way to cope with her sorrow she builds a rocket ship to travel to moon to meet the Moon goddess Chang’e who herself is sad from losing her lover Houyi. Did Fei Fei reach the moon and meet Chang’e? It turns out to be a life-altering experience for her.

The young Fei Fei’s face with her glossy eyeballs and the tiny zits under her eyes were adorable. Joining her was the cute Rabbit named Bungee. The goddess Chang’e looked a bit scary for me and was not lovely as I had pictured when Fei Fei’s mother narrates her story.

The first half-an-hour of the movie was entrancing and slacked in the middle to pick a bit of pace in the end.

Over the Moon (2020) by Director Glen Keane

Over the Moon (2020) by Director Glen Keane

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