Bigil (பிகில்) was certainly a Deepavali treat for Vijay fans, they have been served with not one, but with nearly three stories for the price of one 3-hour long film.

There is little to no connection with the first half and the second half of the film. Why should Director Atlee care for those details, when he has successfully given a “hero” film. The film’s second half has its heart in the right place, with its strong woman empowerment message coming from a mass-hero like Vijay its impact to change peoples heart is immense. Just for that, you need to bear with the first half which had nothing original, it kept reminding me of Vijay’s earlier films like Thalava and Rajini’s many films.

Maybe it is me, but I found the pair of Nayanthara and Vijay in this film to be lacking in any romance or chemistry. “Singapene” song was already a hit and it deserves it, peppy and good message.

With a powerful villain character, sharp editing, a bit more exploration of few of the women players, and Bigil could’ve appealed to a wider audience, but that’s me expecting too much from what has been clearly labelled as a film for the fans, by a fan!

The film is expected to appear soon on Amazon India’s Prime Video.

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