For the last few years, as the sheen has gone from Chennai’s favourite restaurant chain “Hotel Saravana Bhavan”, most of their eateries look deserted. In their place, there are quite a few contenders, but my favourite has been Sangeetha group of hotels. Near to my place, is Hotel Desi Mane Sangeetha in Ashok Nagar, Chennai (சங்கீதா’ஸ் தேசி மனே’ சைவ உணவகம், அசோக் நகர், சென்னை) and Sangeetha Veg Restaurant in T.Nagar, Chennai. In the past, I had written about having a Herbal cooler in the former and a Chat Combo at the latter.

Today, I had a ‘lite’ tasty dinner of a Chettinad Kal Dosai (made with a batter from Rice, Urad Dal)  and Kasi Halwa (made with white pumpkin flesh, sugar and ghee) for dessert. My wife went with a plate of Kadubu Idli, which looks like tube-shaped idlis and made with Rawa, Urad Dal and Jackfruit leaves.

Chettinad Kal Dosai - செட்டிநாடு கல் தோசை

Chettinad Kal Dosai – செட்டிநாடு கல் தோசை

Kasi Halwa - காசி அல்வா

Kasi Halwa – காசி அல்வா

Kadubu Idli - பலா இலை இட்லி

Kadubu Idli – பலா இலை இட்லி

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