The trailer had outlined that Sarkar (2018) is going to be a political action film and it was. If you set aside your expectations or inhibitions on the subject of Vijay‘s political ambitions in real-life, you can enjoy Sarkar, I did. It was a typical mass-hero film that keeps you engaged for its 3 hours runtime, with few dull moments.

Vijay plays the role of a super successful CEO of a large MNC, who is visiting India to cast his vote in the state assembly election. Unfortunately, his vote has already been fraudulently cast, which upsets him and he goes to the courts. One thing leads to another, and he is leading a movement to dethrone the ruling party led by Pala. Karuppiah. After the interval, once Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, as the daughter of Pala. Karuppiah appears the film goes into high gear – she comfortably takes over the narrative and gives a fitting opposition to Vijay, a great performance from her.

I liked the two direct encounters of Vijay, like when he goes to the head office of the ruling party and when he leads a motorcade of his supporters directly to the opposition party rally. Remember, this is a film and can have fantasy narratives. Vijay is a Director’s artist when gets cast by talented Directors he has given his memorable acting performances – I felt AR Murugadoss in this film, has been sloppy on this.

Overall, go for Sarkar and get entertained.

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