When it came out last year, my film gang had suggested Peechankai (2017) is worth watching,  and it didn’t disappoint. The story is about how a pickpocket Smoothu, an otherwise good-hearted guy, fights against corrupt politicians and a gangster to save a kidnapped child and also his love. In what would’ve been an ordinary action film, the twist and the comedy comes when Smoothu gets AHS (Alien Hand Syndrome) – I didn’t believe it was true but Wikipedia says there is really a condition by that name – with his left hand (பீச்சாங்கை) working on its own and doing only good-deeds.

Other than Anjali Rao (the heroine) and M.S.Bhaskar, many of the other actors including the hero R.S.Karthik and main villain Ponmudi this film is their first big-screen appearance and they have all done a good job, great casting by Director Ashok.

The film starts out well, but somewhere in between keeps dragging for too long with nothing new happening. Other than that, it makes you laugh in many places.

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