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Sakka Podu Podu Raja (2017)

The sacrifices I do by sitting in films like this to save my friends and family from doing so!

There are some films you wish were never made, a textbook example will Sakka Podu Podu Raja (2017).  What’s the story you ask?. It is about a jobless youth Santa (Santhanam) falling in love with Yazhini (Vaibhavi Shandilya) who is the sister of a powerful don Bhavani (Sampath Raj Kumar) who kills anyone even seeing his sisters. How Santa outsmarts him with his brawn and brain and marries the girl is the story.

A senior comedian like Vivek has been completely wasted in the film. The last half-an-hour, there were scenes you could smile, that saves the film.


  1. Sir..You can save your precious time by avoiding such films. As a follower of your blog for years I am really puzzled as to why you choose to visit every film that is getting released.

      • karthikrajamani Reply

        Have not seen your blog on the Jumbo circus that has been going on Near Central station from Dec 21 2017. If that interests you (or anyone whom you will accompany,esp Kids) do visit and share your thoughts

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