Indrajith (Gautham Karthik) works as an assistant to an archaeological professor who goes to Arunachal Pradesh in search of an asteroid stone that had fallen on earth millions of years ago and it has got miraculous healing power.

Indrajith (2017) is supposed to be an adventure action film, but it comes out as a cheap imitation of the Indiana Jones franchise. Having said that, kids will love the film – there is nothing bad that happens in the film, no one gets killed or the villain doesn’t behave too badly.

Director Kalaprabhu, son of Kalaipuli S. Thanu, has ensured the film is made on tight budgets, congrats to him – important at a time when Kollywood is lavishly spending and then suffocating on debt.  At the same time, showing Chennai Airport with Tamil name boards and saying it’s Goa Airport; or Pondicherry French colony as Goa were just careless film-making. Theatre was in splits in a few scenes, like when the Computer Graphics were obviously amateurish. The background score could’ve been more imaginative. Nothing more to say.

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