Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal (எனக்கு வாய்த்த அடிமைகள்) a comedy film starring Jai as Krishna and Pranitha as Divya. The film starts with Krishna going to a psychiatrist (played by Thambi Ramaiah) for counselling for his suicide tendencies after his failed love with Divya. Krishna narrates how he and Divya were deeply in love with finally Divya leaving him for her boss. The psychiatrist suggests Krishna open up and to unburden his pain to his three close friends – an auto driver Mohideen (Kaali Venkat), a call centre support engineer Sowmya (Naveen George) and a bank cashier (Karunakaran), Krishna reaches out only to find each of them preoccupied with their own issues and dismissing his feeling. Realising their mistake and Krishna may really take his own life, the three friends frantically go in search of Krishna before he does anything stupid. Whether they find Krishna in time and save his life, what happens to his love life is rest of the film.

The first half was a mindless comedy, yet enough to see yourself laughing in many places. In the second half Mottai Rajendran plays a killer character, his role energises the slacking second half. The last thirty minutes were Krishna saves his 3 friends was interesting. I liked the climax and Anjali’s role in her guest appearance – an unsuspected ending for a Kollywood romcom. Actor Santhanam makes a guest appearance on a TV show and delivers a “good” message to youngsters on why suicide is cowardly, and lovers after a breakup should dust-off, stand-up and live a full life to show to their partner who left on what they lost. Applause to Director Mahendran Rajamani for this well-needed message to society.

Pranitha Subhash on screen comes out very pale and malnourished. Songs by  Santhosh Dhayanidhi were unimpressive.

Overall, a light film to see just for the laugh.


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