Tired after travelling for six hours from Seoul by Air Asia we landed in KLIA 2 (Kuala Lumpur’s Budget Airlines terminal). After collecting our bags, a friend travelling along recommended we go for a coffee and snack to an outlet opposite the baggage claim area before we travel to our Hotel.

The restaurant we went was Old Town White Coffee, looking at the name I presumed it’s a US brand so I was surprised when my friend told me it’s a local Malaysian firm.


He recommended I try their Kaya & Butter Toast and top it with a HazelNut Coffee. Kaya Butter is a coconut jam popular in Singapore & Malaysia, the Kaya toast made with it tasted heavenly sweet. I have tasted coffee in many countries but the Hazelnut coffee I tasted here was certainly different, it had a mild aroma and a thick texture which you can feel while it goes down your throat. The coffee even without adding sugar is pretty sweet. Over the next 2 days while we were in KL wherever we spotted an Old Town outlet including the one you see in the top of this page in Sungei Wang Plaza we ordered Hazelnut Coffee & Kaya toast.


Old Town doesn’t have outlets outside South East Asia, so I bought for myself a pack of 10 sticks of Hazelnut coffee. Each stick contains  Coffee, Sugar & Cream, you add boiling water to it and some milk if you wish and you get their heavenly Hazelnut Coffee.

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