My twelve year old made me take him to yet another Pixar/Disney animated 3D movie, this time it was The Good Dinosaur (2015).

The story follows a familiar theme of animated films where a young kid loses his way from his home, faces many obstacles which he/she overcomes with the help of an unlikely friend to finally unite with his family. In The Good Dinosaur, the astroid that should have destroyed Earth 65 Millions ago misses it, which lets to Dinosaurs evolving as intelligent creatures in modern times. The young Apatosaurus named Arlo is our hero, he is smallest in his family. One day while chasing a critter, a young cave boy who he names Spot, gets lost and swept by river to a far away place. Arlo and Spot trace their way back home through an unknown terrain and escape from dangerous creatures.

It’s interesting story telling to show Dinosaurs leading a live as settlers, they farm corn for harvest, water them with their huge trunks and store the away food for winter. For every achievement by a family member, he/she get to leave their foot mark on the barn walls and Arlo longs to get qualified to do it – a nice touch. I liked the scene where Spot pushes Arlo over a broken cliff path to form a bridge using Arlo to cross over. Similarly enjoyable was the scene where Arlo not able to get any sound out of his mouth when he is forced to go out in centre of a herd of Longhorns to shout!.

Overall, a fun way to spend 100 minutes with your young one’s.


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