Inimey Ippadithan (இனிமே இப்படி தான்) is a comedy film starring comedian N.Santhanam that got released yesterday. The film has Ashna Zaveri
and Akhila Kishore as love interests of Santhanam, the full length comedy film is directed by Director duo Murugananth (Lollu Sabha TV series fame Murugan and Anand). Santhanam’s comedy in his recent films had become repetitive, in this film luckily they feel crispier and enjoyable. I enjoyed this full length comedy film, cackling in many places.

The story is about Seenu’s (played by Santhanam) parents wanting to get him married within 3 months, Seenu on advice of his friend a local tailor (played by VTV Ganesh) decides to find a girl to love. Soon he falls in love with “Maha” (played by beautiful Ashna Zaveri) but she refuses him, in between his uncle played by Thambi Ramaiah tricks him into an engagement with another girl “Akhila” ( played by lovely Akhila Kishore). Without missing, in this  film too Santhanam has ensured there are enough Bar (TASMAC) scenes and a pathos song for your enjoyment and my dislike. I agree that you shouldn’t be looking for life lessons in a film but constantly showing scenes of hero imbibing as a lifestyle cure is not an image you want to imbed on the viewers, for me a drunken pathos song is nothing but a shortcut used by Director to show “sadness” instead of getting it acted.

I liked the unexpected climax, congrats to the duo who have written and directed film. This is not an unusual or must watch movie, but if you happen to watch this film you will certainly come out laughing.



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