A resort hotel in a picturesque hill location in Europe is the backdrop, Pre World War 2 is the period, a Concierge & Manager is the main character, dollops of comedy, you mix them all and you get “The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)” directed by Wes Anderson. I have seen an earlier movie of the director “The Darjeeling Limited“.

In “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, story starts in 1985 with narration by an Author about his visit to The Grand Budapest Hotel in 1968, where he meets the owner of the dilapidated hotel. The owner, an old man is a business tycoon who starts narrating on how he started his career as a Lobby Boy “Zero Moustafa” in the same hotel many decades ago. He continues to narrate the story of how the former Concierge & Manager ran the hotel impeccably in its heydays, who then gets accused in a murder trial and how he clears himself with the help of Zero. The story is simple, easy to follow, which makes us enjoy it unconditionally. The comedy is of Pink Panther genre, familiar yet unmistakeably sweet. Overall, I had a good time watching the film.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

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