Poojai (பூஜை) is a Tamil film starring Vishal and Shruti Haasan that got released yesterday for Deepavali. I happened to see this movie in Devi today with my good friend Gokul. Director Hari‘s movies are known for their entertainment and action including Saamy and Singam. This is a star studded movie with Sathyaraj, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Kausalya, Sithara, Aishwarya and others.

The story is a usual masala by Hari, a young rebel hailing from a reputed family in Coimbatore outcasted by his own family for no fault of his, falls in love with a beautiful girl, crosses the path of a professional killer gang, gets help of a honest police officer, loses his loved mother to the villain’s rage and finally gets his revenge by killing the bad guy. In between this, the film has a vegetable market, restaurants and Patna city.

I expected lot more from Sathyaraj character, he just comes in few scenes and does paper work in police commissioner’s office. Heroine Shruti comes glamorous and does very little for the story, she needs to get a voice coach to get her Tamil accent better. Vishal has done a fine performance for the character assigned, the saving grace in the movie. Most of the time the film just moves along, nowhere there are any twists or bumps making the watching boring. Actor Suri, “Black” Pandi, Imman combination tries their best to make us laugh, but unfortunately, only the characters on screen themselves laugh for it.

Overall I will give a 1.5/5.

Update: WebDunia Tamil edition has published my Tamil review of the movie.

"பூஜை" தமிழ்ப் படம் - நடிகர் விஷால், சுருதி

“பூஜை” தமிழ்ப் படம் – நடிகர் விஷால், சுருதி

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