Did You Hear About the Morgans? is a comedy film that I saw today. Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker (of Sex and the City fame) play the characters of Paul and Meryl Morgan living in New York. They are close to their divorce due to infidelity.

While coming back from a dinner which Paul takes Meryl in an attempt to patch up with her, they witness a murder. The murderer wants them to be killed to erase any witness. The NYPD protects them by sending them into a witness protection to a small Wyoming town called Ray and gives them new identities. Rest of the movie is how the small town life changes them and reunites them – usual Hollywood stuff. This was the first time I read anything about this state Wyoming in USA, so I guess it was a good choice for the movie’s theme.  I felt the Movie in typical Hollywood fashion has portrayed the small town “Ray” to be in a different time period. This seems to be trivializing small towns in USA (of course, I have no first hand experience of it).

Nothing exceptional to be said about the movie, other than its a typical one. You can watch it if you are on a plane or comes on cable free, not worth to go to theatre or buy a DVD!

Did you hear about the Morgans

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