I don’t miss a chance to see a Play by Shraddha Theatre People. This week they were performing their new play “Vyugam”, written by Kaushik and Directed by S.Anand Babu. The play has only about 5 characters and within them the story moves around the main 3 characters, but thanks to the suspense and the dialogues we are engaged. The stage is done entirely in Black “n” White hues & news read out in AIR (All In Radio) style, inspired by the nostalgic Oscar winning movies now. These amplify the mood of the plot, almost all the colours on stage are kept to Gray shades. Nice job.




The story is of a thriller genre, a serial killer who has killed brutally about 8 people falls into Police hands. But he never speaks a single word and Police seeks the help of a psychologist who makes him speak out his mind. The twist is when the psychologist himself becomes a murderer, killing the investigating police officer. The dialogues are exceptional. Balaji who has played the murderer has done it fine, his carefree style portraying the mind of a serial killer is a big plus for the play.

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