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Endhiran (2010)

Didn’t want to get in the mad rush, pay any premium and watch this movie in the early days of release. So nearly after a month I booked online and went for this movie today at Inox, Chennai. Had limited expectation about this much-talked about movie of the decade.

Overall, the movie is a bold attempt for Tamil (Indian) Movies & enjoyable. Rajni has performed well, he rocks on the Villain Robot scenes. Unlike in Raavanan, Aishwarya Rai looks beautiful (again) in this movie and is gorgeous in the songs.  Anyone having read (Late) Sujatha’s novels like En Iniya Endhira can clearly see his signatures everywhere in the movie. This is full and full a Writer Sujatha and Rajni movie. Nowhere you could see Director Shankar’s touches – for which I thank him, we are saved from one more of his RobinHood themed repeat storylines.

Many of the Robot sequences in the movie are clearly inspired by Hollywood movies Terminator & Transformers (The climax where the Robot transforms into a snake and other characters). The struggle of the Robot in understanding Human feelings, emotions, the Humanoid concepts all seem to be inspired by Star TrekData” character.

On a lighter note few unanswered questions: Where did the Robot all the raw materials needed to make so many hundreds of his clones?. Who is paying for Scientist Rajni’s research, someone rich enough to be funding research and also a Mercedes-Benz Car. When 80% of Software Projects fail backed with a team of developers, testers, Project Managers; how is it possible for one scientist individually to write millions of lines of code in few years?



  • prabhu

    good review.i accept your queries in the end.

    what i feel is : for a fantacy / sci fy movie we should not see any logic.
    its a creative chance to think any level.The sci fi movies are based on time and place shift.

    for the coding : Thalavar Rajini is a super power.So he can single handedly manage coding,bug fixing meanwhile decoding aishwarya too…thalaivar RoX

  • Prasanna Venkatesan K

    Hi Sir!

    I totally agree with your point regarding Sujatha novel’s visibility in Endhiran’s dialogues. I have read both the novels (En iniya iyendhira and Meendum jeeno). Such a great person he was!

    And by the way, we cant expect any kinda logics in tamil movies. Villain and hero programmed their robots with lakhs of LOC with no any additional team involvement(great!). They will scold the robots for the bugs in their code. :)

    Your point of view about the movie is good!


  • Karthik Ragavan

    You might want to watch the movie "I ROBOT" & "BiCentennial Man" in this context. Most of the Robot Sequences are drawn from these two movies. The concept of Robot getting a human face & emotions was drawn from BiCentennial Man.