Movie Review

Avatar (2009)


I was trying to get tickets to this movie in Satyam Cinemas for a few weeks now, few days back I managed to book for today’s 11:30 AM show.  “Avatar” movie was awesome and the 3D effects were not force-fitted, so they blended naturally into the scenes. The concept of a new world, a new planet the “Pandora” is very convincing and thought-provoking, so I was not surprised when I found that there was a Wikipedia for Pandora called “Pandora Pedia”.

Great job by James Cameron and his team. Congratulations!

Update 6.Sep.2010: Today I went to the Special Edition of this movie with my cousin sister, who hasn’t seen the movie before. I was a little sceptical about whether I will be entertained for the whole 3 hours of the movie – how wrong I was, the movie today was as interesting & captivating as the first time for me. Amazing work by Cameron.


  • Manikandan Venkataraman

    I agree the movie is so beautiful, gorgeous, magnificient, gigantic, thought provocative etc.

    However, I thought the hero somehow will come to a compromise between both the sides!!! However, Mr. Cameron brought the "yadartham" in life.. I dont know, it was bothering me a lot..

    I will give you an example (may be bad but I related to this example).. When your family wants to build a house in a vacant space and you see some ant house or something like that and assume, you can talk to that ant’s team and would understand the problems with that ant house and its inhabitants, and your family members are not going to accept it, will you be fighting against them or what will be your kind of behaviour at that time.. I was not able to convince myself that I will fight for the ants and hence that thought took away my enjoyment towards this film.. I know it might be a bad example, but if you think about it, I think you will know what I mean..

    I will wait for your explanation and want to see this film couple of more times after arguing it with my friends and known people..

    BTW, I had a dream this morning of meeting you and hence came to this site…