Movie Review

Avatar (2009)

I was trying to get tickets to this movie in Satyam Cinemas for few weeks now, few days back I managed to book for today’s 11:30AM show.  “Avatar” the movie was awesome and the 3D effects were not force-fitted, so they blended naturally into the scenes. The concept of a new world, a new planet the “Pandora” is very convincing and thought-provoking, so I was not surprised when I found that there was a Wikipedia for Pandora called “Pandora Pedia

Great job by James Cameron and his team. Congratulations!

Update 6.Sep.2010: Today I went to the Special Edition of this movie with my cousin sister, who hasn’t seen the movie before. I was a little skeptical whether I will be entertained for the whole 3 hours of the movie – how wrong I was, the movie today was as interesting & captivating like the first time for me. Amazing work by Cameron.