I feel someone in Civil Aviation Ministry is reading my blog posts on Airports or I am just lucky. Eitherways so far it has been only for the better.

Airports *Taken during my trip to Australia in 2002*

Few months back I posted an idea on developing Puducherry Airport and boom few weeks later government is considering it. I talked about improving connectivity to green field Airports and now it seems Civil Aviation Ministry is considering a plan to do high speed rail links. The trains will run from city centre to the respective airports at 160-180 kmph, will allow city check-in. They are considering 10 ten major cities in the country to have this facility. But the cost looks staggering, just for Delhi Connaught Place to Delhi Airport (a project in piepline) will cost Rs.3,200 crores. This was reported in 30/Jul/07 Economic Times Page 13 of Chennai edition (I couldn’t find the story online).

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