Economic Times newspaper today carried couple of interesting facts about Mobile usage in India:

  1. Mobile VAS (Value Added Service) business in India is poised to touch Rs.8,200 crores this fiscal – a 65% growth from Rs.4,950 crores in previous year. This reinforces our believe on the huge demand for Mobile Content Management.
  2. India has 9.27 Million PC Internet Subscribers, against 31.3 Million users who access Internet through their Mobile devices. One out of every five mobile users (165.1 Million Mobile Subscribers) access Internet from their phones.  
  3. For the first time in recent Telcom history in India, ARPU is growing but currently the growth is happening only in CDMA operators. So there seems to be some hope at the end of the tunnel for Telcos.

Reading this, I remembered an Interview I gave few years back “Mobile Phones will be the First and Only Computer for Many in Developing Countries”.

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