The first session I was in a Silverlight with .NET framework session that was interesting. The ability to use Scriptable attribute in .net to expose a function from .NET and have it called in JavaScript or respond to a JavaScript event in browser was cool and opens great possibilities in client side coding. They have also exposed HTML DOM inside the .NET code.


Next I went to a  Session by Don Box – pretty much everything went over my head, partly due to the reason I went in after 15 minutes of the talk starting.

For the last session of Mix ’07 I decided to go MS Dynamic CRM Live Platform, since this was a new area for me. Ben Riga (Tech Evangelist, Microsoft) and Jason Hunt (CTO InvokeSystems) talked about using this to build a Pet Insurance site. They talked on:

  • CRM in its whole sense means the complete Sales, Service & Marketing.
  • Dynamics CRM has ability to customize data models or extend the existing data models and building relationships between entities
  • It is entirely role based model. You can change the meta-data of an entity it can be published and live immediately, no need to restart
  • The underlying CRM systems existing forms can be easily customized – both client and server side

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