After many years, Microsoft had a ball this week – they had three main platform software going gold. First it was Office 2007 System going gold, then it was .NET Framework 3.0 (WinFX) and last was much awaited Windows Vista. I am sure everyone in Microsoft is super excited (as Microsofties would like to say). As a partner, I am overwhelmed on the possibility this opens up for us in terms of developing Gadgets, WPF Applications, SharePoint Solutions and more.

For Microsoft India too, the week was great – with Steve Ballmer visiting India and the successful run of IndiMix ’06 event. In IndiMix I liked the inclusion on the stage of celebrities like Anil Kumble & Yash Chopra and they share their experiences of how IT Solutions are helping them. Great work Microsoft India.

Some interesting numbers came up during the panel discussions:

  • MSN India has 250 Advertisers this year against only 80, a few years back – Market is turning to Online advertising seriously
  • Online Advertising business in India is roughly Rs.110 Crores; while TV is 6000 crores & has 9000 top advertisers

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