I always admire Dr. A.B.J. Abdul Kalam, especially in his role as President of India. The admiration is more because he is a worthy man of the post and he got there through sheer hard-work and not by birth. I am also glad for him being the President, because with him all Indians now have a worthy role-model. Think about it, today if I were to show someone in public-life as a role-model (someone to see up to and grow like) to my 3 year old son, it certainly cannot be any of the existing Politicians (State and Central). Beyond a shade of doubt, it can only be Dr.Abdul Kalam.

And he is a big change influencer, but he doesn’t try to change the grown-ups (he will not have the time to do it in his tenure) but he seeds good-thoughts and nurtures the young who in turn will grow to make the changes. His interest and energy for students is infectious. I salute you Sir for this.

Dr.ABJ Abdul Kalam, President of India

Anyways, I started this post to write that the President’s Website has recorded 1 Million (10 Lakhs) hits on a single day (August 15) and over 12.7 Million (127 Lakhs) hits in a month (August 2006). Indians are very patriotic especially on the Independence day, I suppose!

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