I live in West Mambalam (Chennai) and everyday to come to work in Habibullah Road T.Nagar, I have to drive through the T.Nagar Panagal Park Shopping crowd and traffic. The distance of less than 3 Kms can take on peak hours more than 30 minutes. The main reason is the pedestrian crossing (can you believe it they don’t have a overbridge here) near Nalli/Pothy’s textile stores and the traffic jam in front of New Saravana Stores. Anyways, today I made the journey in about 10 minutes – thanks to it being a “Tuesday”. In Tamilnadu Tuesdays are considered inauspicious and people don’t buy new items or start new work on Tuesday. Because of this, the shopping districts in Chennai are not crowded on Tuesdays – if you want to do relaxed shopping then you should avoid the other 6 days in the week.

Anyways I like Tuesday’s a lot – One because of less traffic while coming to work and second I was born on a Tuesday 31 years back. So do you agree with me that Tuesdays are lucky :-)

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