Following RBI’s recent guidelines (few months back) many of the major Credit Card Issuing Banks in India seems to be getting their house in order.

I noticed it first with ICICI Bank – with in few weeks from the RBI announcement, I saw in ICICI website a link to post mobile number in their DNR (Don’t Call Registry). I immediately went and registered my number – Thanks heavens finally I will be spared from their calls. As of today no such link in Indian websites of either Citibank or Standard Chartered – may be MNC bank’s need more convincing about RBI’s powers or more time to simply get this done!.

In my recent CC statement from Standard Chartered, for the first time I noticed a detailed & clear explanation about thier various charges / interest / late fees. Today I received a similar hand out from ICICI (ICICI-CC.pdf 879 KB)

Discussing Credit Cards and ICICI – two weeks I had a pleasant experience with ICICI. Some 4 months back I bought a electronic item from EBay India and paid with my ICICI Card. The very next day I received an email from eBay saying that the seller is no longer valid and all transactions with that seller is void. I was surprised to see the amount charged to my card. On calling eBay, they said I got to sort this out with the seller – and the seller claimed for last 4 months he has reversed the money. I called ICICI to check whether the reversal had happened, but they offered to help, refer it to their grievance cell and get their help to get this sorted out. Immediately I faxed a letter to them and copied eBay India – with in few days eBay told me the amount is reversed and my recent ICICI statement showing it as a “Disputed Transaction” reversal. I puzzled on why it is showing with this description, but my money is back!


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