I don’t believe this – that I am writing a blog entry about working in vanilla “ASP” (Active Server Pages).

Anyways, last week on an existing website, we had to do a new ASP page that reads an XML from a URL, and display it. While doing it, should cache the XML file, so that for every incoming web request, the page doesn’t do an outbound XML file web request. Basic idea was to act as a kind of a reverse proxy (or caching web server) to prevent the full load from reaching the other webserver which had the XML file.

Doing this in ASP.NET is a simple matter of enabling page caching, but doing it in ASP required pulling off few tricks from my old ASP hat. The code I wrote to do is a generic implementation that used ASP Application Object and VBScript DateDiff time comparison method. You can download the full code from here.

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