• Hang in There, Kids! (2016), a Taiwanese film
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    Hang in There, Kids! (2016)

    This week ICAF, Chennai (Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation)  is hosting a Taiwanese film festival. Today’s second film screened was Hang in There, Kids! (2016) by Laha Mebow. This is a feel-good movie about three young boys growing up in the mountains. The story happens in a farming village of Tayal people, who are indigenous to Taiwan Island. Three boys studying in a community school, spend their evenings in an afterschool run by the local church and go about doing small hunting in the forest near-by to sell their catch to the visiting tourist by taking advantage of their aboriginal looks for quick money. Each of them come from a broken family…

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    The Boar King (2014)

    The Boar King (2014) is the second Taiwanese film I saw today as part of ICAF organised Taiwanese Film Festival. A typhoon devastates most of a mountain village, where Cho and her husband Ying have been running a small resort inn. The Inn was popular with tourists due to the pool it had, which has running water coming from the hot springs high above the mountain – a place where the folklore says a giant boar (the boar king) lives. Ying has died in the typhoon, their Inn is in disarray, no water in the pool – Cho is unsure of what lies ahead of her. Add to this, Cho…

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    Partners in Crime (2014)

    This week ICAF is hosting a Taiwanese Film Festival at Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Chennai. The first film I saw today was Partners in Crime (2014) aka Gong fan directed by Jung-chi Chang. It is about the depression and loneliness faced by students in Taiwanese schools, told in an engaging thriller format. One day, “Huang”, a senior school student returning home, notices a young girl “Chia” in a pool of blood, it appears she has fallen from the balcony above. Huang is soon joined by two other boys “Lin” & “Yeh” from the same school. Police arrive soon and handle the rest with the victim’s mother. There is no suspicion on the…