• Mindo Taseeldarni (2019) - Punjabi
    Movie Review

    Mindo Taseeldarni (2019)

    Low-budget & light, yet lively and humorous with no artificial flavours! I stumbled on the Punjabi romcom titled Mindo Taseeldarni (2019). Curious, I started playing-the first thirty minutes went very slow as the Director introduces us to the village, the community and the family where the story happens-each scene, the visuals and the transitions felt almost like a stage play. Once we are into the story, the natural characters, the family love and bonding, the emotions of the characters keeps us engaged. It is about a 30-year old farmer (Teja), the only son of his widowed father. The duo are living as a joint family with Teja’s uncle and aunty.  To…