This is a thriller movie that has a familiar motive and sequences, yet it was engaging. Thanks to brisk editing which keeps the story moving in high gear throughout. Arav is the antagonist and the background score is by Srikanth Deva and Arrol Corelli, who were the real heroes of the film. The film gets a Raw rating from Mangoidiots.

Udhayanidhi Stalin is expressionless throughout, even in the romantic kissing scene, yet due to the screenplay his character is convincing and we root for him against the villain. He is given limited action sequences, which is a smart thing by the director Magizh Thirumeni. Kalaiyarasan and Anupama Kumar have done their roles well. Nidhhi Agerwal appears in the role of the lover for the hero.

In recent years, all the popular hero films in Tamil, from Rajnikanth to Vijay have suffered due to having a lightweight villain character. In this one, Arav‘s character gets cast to be more powerful and resourceful than the hero, this keeps the expectation alive till the climax.


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