When I heard about this film, Beginning (2023) being Asia’s first split-screen movie I was not sure how it will work, and will I be able to follow the two stories. Director Jagan Vijaya has done a great job in making it easy for the audience to follow, the cue was to shift the focus based on the active soundtrack. For the first few minutes, we are shown a pitch-dark screen with only background audio and then dialogues. We then see the screen split in the middle, with one story playing on the left and another on the right. After some time, the two stories converge gradually. Gets a mangoidiots raw rating.

Vinoth Kishan has acted superbly, bringing to life his character who suffers from autism. Matching him was the acting by Gouri G Kishan, we could feel the emotions of her character in the scene where she gives up after trying everything to make the person on the other side of the call understand her predicament. Veteran actress Rohini impresses as the caring mother of the autistic boy. Had the villain character, the actor who did the role tried his best, been defined as more fearsome the story would’ve worked better and helped the film score a higher rating. It didn’t.

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