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Vezham (2022)

வேழம் (Vezham) is a serial-killer mystery film starring Ashok Selvan, Iswarya Menon and Janani. Debut director Sandeep Shyam has played it safe, opting to go with a familiar plot, yet managing to keep us engaged for a long time. We feel fatigued with the long climax and its two twists, had it been avoided the film could’ve left a mark. It gets Mangoidiots rating of “Raw”.

The story starts with a gruesome murder in the beautiful woods of Ooty hills. Young lovers, Leena (Iswarya Menon) and Ashok (Ashok Selvan) while returning home on their bike are attacked by a masked killer, Leena dies in the attack and Ashok suffers the guilt of being unable to save her. After a few years, a young writer Preethi (Janani) comes into the life of Ashok. Did Ashok identify the killer(s), take revenge or listen to Preethi and settle down in life is the story.

Though the director had tried his best to keep the identity of the real culprits a secret for a long time, there were telltale signs from the start. Is the film going to be an action thriller or a romantic thriller was not clear, this identity crisis robs of what could’ve been a winner. Good Luck to Sandeep Shyam for his future films and I appreciate my mentor and friend Mr Kesavardhanan of K7 Computing who backed the young filmmaker and produced the film.

Ashok Selvan and Iswarya Menon in Vezham (2022)
Ashok Selvan and Iswarya Menon in Vezham (2022)

என் வேழம் என்ற பெயர்?

என் ஊகம், வேழம் என்றால் யானை என்று பொருள், நாயகன் யானை போல பலசாலியாக இருக்கிறான் அதனால் அல்லது யானை போல நடந்ததை நினைவில் வைத்திருக்கிறான்.

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