Oliver Twist is a retired businessman living with his wife, two adult sons and his elderly father. His first son is a film director who is struggling to follow up on his first hit. His second son is an Instagram influencer. The two sons are always on their smartphones and Oliver being a tech-illiterate is unable to connect with him. How he gets over the technology chasm, bonds with his elder son have been told in a humorous yet realistic manner that is available only from Mollywood.

The first thing that catches your attention with #Home (2021) was the tastefully built house, Director Rojin Thomas has got it right as the story revolves around the place and its residents. As we watch with held-breath, a big fish that has outgrown its water tank and is about to fall, we are ported to the location and become part of the family. We empathize with a loving father unable to speak a few words with his son, watching a live stream of the fish the son instructs the father on what to do next without hearing him out! There are many such tiny moments that have been captured by the director. Indrans as Oliver Twist, the father, and Sreenath Bhasi as Antony, the eldest son, have brought their respective characters to life effortlessly.

The story was not new, don’t expect one. We have seen a talented therapist who is able to transform an unloved character’s life with simple meditation or in this case with Tai Chi; a close friend who is a companion to the protagonist at his old age; or an extraordinary event that has happened in a parent’s life that their children will never associate them for, and so on. Home (2021) succeeds in putting them together nicely and having relatable characters.

The film was long, should’ve been edited to be shorter, but if you can pull through the first half, you will enjoy the last one hour. It is available on Amazon Prime Video and gets a Ripe rating from Mangoidiots.

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