The subprime crisis in the USA and the resulting financial meltdown made millions of Americans lose their hard-earned savings while the bankers responsible went scot-free. The resulting anger of the general populace against wall street is understandable. Going in Style (2017) is the expression of the reaction by one set of the affecting, the elderly.

Three retirees played by Morgan FreemanMichael Caine & Alan Arkin who have worked for decades for a local steel plant, suddenly find themselves penny less and one of them in the verge of losing his home – all because their pension fund was mismanaged and cheated by a local bank WSB. In an act of desperation, they plan to rob the bank for their money. They reason, that they have nothing to lose – if they succeed in robbing, their problems will be solved – if they fail, they will be in prison ensuring they will have food, shelter and an assured healthcare.

Did they get caught or not? is the story.

I enjoyed the first half, the profile that’s built for each of the 3 protagonists, their friendship, and the case that’s presented for their extreme decision. Their trial heist, the robbery of a local supermarket was stupid was hilarious. The actual heist and the climax was a bit disappointing, nevertheless with their acting Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine pickup the slag and make it up.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

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