After quite some time, a full-length comedy film was Prabhu Deva starer Gulaebaghavali (2018) – I laughed and enjoyed it thoroughly. The film had a roster roll of actors starting with Prabhu Devi, Hansika Motwani, Revathi, Ramdoss (Muniskhan), Mansoor Ali Khan, Sathyan, Mottai Rajendran & Yogi Babu – to his credit, Director Kalyaan had cast aptly and got the best from each of them.

The film starts at the pre-independence time when the dubash to a leaving Britisher, steals several hundreds of diamonds from his master – the dubash then buries it in a wooden box behind the Gulaebaghavali village temple compound. Now, his descendant, a gangster from Mexico comes back for the treasure, he employs Prabhu Deva, who is a local antique thief, to get it. In his quest, Prabhu Deva is joined by Hansika (a trickster herself), Revathi (a master car thief) & Ramdoss (representing his Mexico super boss).  The fours quest is hampered by Mansoor Ali Khan, the former boss of Prabhu Deva and a local don Mottai Rajendran for reasons which tickle us.

Needless to say, Prabhu Deva impresses us in the songs with his dance and Hansika manages to follow him quite well. Veteran actress Revathi, who appears as a shrewd con artist, has given an expert performance – it was delightful to just watch her on screen, she even sports her own fight stunt. In the first hour, Sathyan as a gullible police officer on suspension gets quite a bit of screen time and he has used it well. Mottai Rajendran creates a havoc when he falls for Revathi’s lies and starts crying in remembrance of his parents. A rarity for a Tamil film climax, the heroine joining hero in his fight against the villain gangs, and not standing helplessly on the sides. Kudos to the Director, just for this scene.

Vivek–Mervin‘s music and background score were peppy and keeps the tempo alive. In most Kollywood songs, you hardly notice the background set, but the sets employed for the “Guleba” song were imaginative and attractive, don’t miss. Similarly, the virtual environment of forest, snow mountains that appear in the duet song “Seramal Pona” were lovely.


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