Movie Review

The Big Sick (2017)

The Big Sick (2017) was an entertaining romantic comedy. After reading the tweet from Kumail Nanjiani – the Pakistani-American and Silicon Valley TV Series fame – I saw this film in Amazon’s Prime Video.

The story should be familiar to Bollywood audience, it is about family and love. Kumail, who appears as himself, is an upcoming stand-up comedian who falls in love with an American divorcee Emily (Zoe Kazan) – fearing the risk of not getting his parents approval, he breaks up with Emily. But destiny has a different plan in store for the couple. Due to an unknown illness, Emily gets critically sick & hospitalized, that’s when Kumail gets close to her parents – played by Ray Romano (I am a fan of his TV Show and Book – Everybody Loves Raymond) & Holly Hunter – and this episode changes profoundly the couple’s relationship.

The film has a simple plot and realistic characters which made it likeable for me.