Hidden Figures (2016) is a powerful story of 3 African American women working in NASA fighting their way around during the racially segregated era in the USA. Looking from 2017, it’s shocking to see that in 1960s America there were coloured washrooms separate from the regular one’s which were reserved for the whites.

The film follows three women – Katherine Goble, a mathematics prodigy, employed as a computer she gets assigned to Space Task Group where she successfully calculates the coordinates to get back to earth safely John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth; Mary Jackson who goes to court to get herself admitted to Virginia University to undergo a course needed for her to apply for the job of engineer in the department that goes on to design the space capsule outer panelling; Dorothy Vaughan who allocates work for all the human computers in West Area computing unit but is not promoted as a supervisor due to her colour, manages to learn Fortran language on her own and trains others in her unit to make themselves valuable to the new IBM computing unit.

Pharrell Williams songs and Hans Zimmer‘s background score add a sense of action to an otherwise a biography film. The film is a must watch to learn how to fight discrimination and not get bogged down, discrimination in one form or another has been there always; it’s also about perseverance and talent.

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