Moana (2016) is a recent animation film by Disney for which trailers have been running in cinema halls for months. My son convinced me to take him and his friend to the film today. The story is about a young girl (Moana), the daughter of Motonui village who goes alone on a daring voyage across the mighty ocean to save all the life in our world. Her journey begins with the search of Maui, a demigod with shapeshifting powers and then of Te Fiti, the goddess to have her heart back in place and thereby restore her power for the creation of life.

The initial scene where the ocean waves braid Moana’s hair beautifully was awesome. Maui sports numerous tattoos across his body, which get animated when he is excited. This is a usual Disney animation film featuring a variety of emotions – affection, friendship, courage, the spirit of human achievement, respect and fear.

A fun film to watch with kids.

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